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In 1837, Andersen wrote "the daughter of the sea", the mermaid for love at the expense of their
lives moving story, she has a noble and beautiful heart, as well as the dedication of love. And
Ariel's culture is also from this time, following the spirit of the mermaid, until now, clinging to the humanized bathroom design, simple and not simple.
Small and powerful Nordic countries with stunning innovation, and Ariel is from the Nordic spirit, her interpretation of the Nordic people understand, for simplicity no dazzle, no issue, no
excessive modification to flashy extravagance, the Elven Kingdom has inherent temperament,
let you enjoy the distinguished comfortable life.
Bathroom and daily life of people can not be separated from the relationship:
Someone has said what kind of bathroom represents the owner of this house, what kind of taste and attitude to life.Ariel bathroom bears the persistence of the mermaid in front of the world,
representing a low-key, luxurious, simple and comfortable life attitude, so that after you busy,
there is a space to rest.

———  Tailor your dream bathroom life!  ———Instead, Ariel was a member of the Scandinavian Vinaya style design, with elegant, natural, warm, simple and famous all over the world, in the face of the Nordic design features and aesthetic, Vinaya designers source Scandinavia in nature and life of the principle and nature of design. "Respect for people" has always been the core concept of Scandinavia design, the perfect combination of quality and function, beauty and texture, the four
Pioneer design
The Nordic people to "own" and "landmark" concept and not so strong, this has
resulted in their pragmatic side. In Scandinavia, there has been no luxury of luxury
in the luxury and high-end life, despite the enviable income levels of the Nordic
Modern stylish Environmental intelligence
And those who consume the same level of luxury luxury bathroom brands than it
is in a very obvious Ariel Nordic style ambassador in people's field of vision, the
people pay attention to comfort, in the most simple way to achieve the most
practical function,  is this play the most incisive.
Innovative ceramic technology
The ceramic is made of high temperature, and the glaze is as smooth as jade. It
endows the whole space with fashionable and modern luxury feeling, and creates
the living space with subtle and elegant and strong cultural taste
Magic shower technique
Why is there Magic: Ariel to break through the traditional bathroom shower water outlet effect is poor, uneven, effective will be fully water mixed with air, the air and water ratio of 1: 3, the water is full and light, effectively saving 30%. 200mm water
shower panel diameter, greatly improve the effect of water bath and fun, the user
can feel the rain type water shower brings Mengyu technology,
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